name annie xia legal name ai-ling annie xia date of birth oct 15 1988 & 27 residences nashville occupation waitress/student in astrophysics @ vanderbilt
» was born in busan, south korea very shortly before her family intended to permanently move to shanghai. she spent her childhood in and out of korea, china and the united states but chose to move to nashville to attend high school and live with a family friend who had moved to nashville after recommendations from her aunt and uncle.

» is korean, chinese and european american and can speak japanese, korean, mandarin and speckles of french to impress people while drunk.

» as a child she was always incredibly tenacious and driven. she always maintained three hobbies at once and her mother almost always passed out from flushes of happiness every time her daughter picked up a science kit or a telescope.

» has a history of being incredibly competitive. a lot of pressure has been circulating in her family since birth, particularly around the subjects of success and power. in times gone by annie has ruined friendships and connections with her peers due to her desire to get ahead and could be quoted as having a "type a" personality. it took until her fourth year of college to realize that the way to get ahead shouldn't be by destroying other people's chances.

» a very nostalgic person, she's notorious for living in the past and recreating outfits inspired by various periods from 1985-2009. she still hasn't recovered from christopher pettiet's death.
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relationships » ari: close cousin

» clare: the rory gilmore to her paris geller

» noah: cousin. she gave him hell when they were kids.

» lucy: platonic nerd of her life
john, father
b. march 6 (58) quiet and somewhat unapproachable. owns a chain of hotels.
josie, mother
b. feb 14 (57). endearing, but firm. lives in shanghai and is a (very successful) housewife and mother.
max, older brother
b. jan 2 (28). biggest competitor & once best friend.
lily, younger sister
younger sister, lives in new york for college. they skype daily. b. sep 25 (24).
jenny, younger sister
younger sister. b. april 12 (17). shanghai. high school student and the sweetest influence.